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“If we were all perfected beings we wouldn’t be here in the physical world. The fact that we’re all here in these bodies means that we’re not perfected. So having accepted we’re not perfected, we can allow for each others inadequacies or failings with a little compassion.” ~George Harrison

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I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions. I do like to wish upon the stars. Even before the last couple of years of such uncertainty, fear, misinformation and grief, I just wanted to live for today.

I feel even stronger about that as I grow older. I read stuff on the news-an 11 year old boy died while he was riding his bike. Totally random. A tree fell on him in our recently wind storms. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, how much money you have, how much you exercise. When our time comes, it comes.

These songs really express what my heart feels, every day.

Old song, forever true.

What can I say?

All of my life..certain musicians have rocked my world. I never dreamed I would get to see any of them live in concert. I have been extremely blessed, as an older adult now…to have seen several with my husband, Thomas.

I had been checking Boz Scaggs’ website for quite awhile. Pretty much every day..and one day…there it was..in concert in Grand Prairie, TX…a nice car drive for us. My hubby said to pull the trigger and get the tickets!

He is 77 years old..you never know what to expect with older artists; but if you love them, you just GO.

On September 29, 2021, we took our 3rd row seats at the venue. When he walked on stage, my first thought was, ” wow!! wow!! woww! it’s really him!”

You had NO DOUBT (as it’s just natural to do) if he was lip synching or not. He definitely was not!

His first song was “WHAT CAN I SAY?”…we could tell he was struggling with it ..his voice. It did not matter…he went straight into my heart. But as the concert progressed, oh my goodness..he had such energy and his voice was PERFECT.

He sung his heart out for 2 solid hours. I will never forget it.

Mona and Tom..ready to rock!

Boz Scaggs..so smooth..so forever cool!

I think this is my favorite pic…it shows how smooth he is..he seemed to become the music.

Time Time Time

well..being a personal voter against all “clocks”….i have more watches than ..well..most people..ever..and do i actually look at what time it is? I’ve always been a little..ok a LOT of a free spirit on my own “time clock”. it gets me in trouble with my hubby and various jobs..but…I also still think ignorance is bliss as far as daily JOY. My favorite times in my live is when I get lost in being in nature, bobbing around in the swimming pool, super long showers with no place to be..reading a book until my eyes close..hugs…love.

Abbie's Tree House

Excerpted from a Forbe’s review of About Time by David Rooney, available online HERE:

Ancient Romans were well aware of the coercive effect of clocks on daily life. Shortly after the first sundial was installed at the Forum, writers attacked it, damning “the man who first discovered the hours”. Characteristically for a culture fixated on cuisine, the greatest criticism concerned the timing of meals. “When I was a boy, my stomach was the only sundial,” complained the playwright Plautus. “But now what there is, isn’t eaten unless the sun says so.”

It’s hard to imagine a life without clocks, but their lives were not greatly different than our own. Somehow they went to school, went to work, went to church, waged wars, imposed taxes, and everything got done.

And, of course, that reminded me of this:

Full lyrics HERE.

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