I love this! I want to walk through a rainbow!!

Abbie's Tree House

The Rainbow
by Millen Brand
Excerpted from Local Lives: Poems About the Pennsylvania Dutch, ©1975

Herbert Berky tells this story:
When he was a boy, he used to work
in two hill fields Josephus Gerhard
had given his father.
“You went up a lane that started
between the Borneman place and Uncle John’s,
and made a left turn past a tenant house,
and then up past Mommy Stauffer’s.”
She was married
to his great-uncle Andros
and “there were some special springs there
and we always stopped to have a drink.”
Beyond Mommy’s were the two fields.
One day he was working “in the onion patch,”
when in a nearby field
down the hill slope at an angle
a neighbor named Stengel
came plowing with a two-horse plow.
Just then a shower
traveled lightly over the valley
and there was “a most beautiful bow.
I had always thought bows were…

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